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In his 2017 best-selling book, Lead the Way, Robb guided readers into their hearts to lead themselves in a more effective and fulfilling way. Now, Robb is revealing how leaders can bolster and transform the work of their entire team in his highly anticipated follow-up book, All In. If you don’t have trust in team relationships you don’t have anything. All In takes leaders on a inspirational and practical journey of learning how to build trust from the inside out. When trust is built and fostered, teams can accomplish the impossible together!

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All In: How Impactful Teams Build Trust from the Inside Out

  • Part I: Connecting and Connection

    • Building Trust that Lasts

    • Communications: What’s in It for
      Them Is What’s in It for You

    • Embracing the Story

  • Part II: Unity in Diversity

    • Team Dynamics for a Dynamic Team

    • Developing a Culture of Honor

    • Turning Conflict into a Creative Superpower

  • Part III: Power in Shared Vision

    • Igniting Team Empowerment

    • Team Intuition:
      Where Breakthroughs Happen

    • Team Focus for
      Outcomes that Matter

    • Transformational
      Teams Finish Strong

About Robb

Robb Holman is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, podcast co-host, and bestselling author. Robb has a heart for authentic relationships and a talent for equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge needed for true success. As a lifelong serial entrepreneur, Robb has founded numerous, highly influential organizations, both for-profit as well as non-profit. In addition, he is the CEO of Holman International, a global leadership consultancy revolutionizing the way business leaders operate. Robb's work has been featured in publications like Inc., Forbes, and Fast Company and endorsed by many of the world's top leadership thinkers.

With passion and exuberance, Robb’s dynamic teaching style has successfully led thousands of business owners, executives, and leaders through his exclusive and proprietary method of Inside Out Leadership™ Coaching. His Inside Out Leadership Academy offers online courses for leaders to interact with these principles directly. As Robb's clients learn how to connect with their unique life purpose more intimately, they are finding success in a way they never expected - from the inside out!

Robb lives in West Chester, PA with his wife, Karen, and their three children, RJ, Kayla, and Zach.

FunFact: Robb was on the first commercial for the original game show, Double Dare!


  • Another power-packed insightful call to leaders. Holman will challenge you to be present, to be the anchor your team needs, and to be All In

    Marshall Goldsmith
    Only two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the world
  • There can be no effective team without trust. Robb Holman not only makes this point, he also shows us how leaders can generate and integrate trust to their teams to maximize their upside. A very timely and relevant book!

    Sydney Finkelstein
    Professor of leadership at Dartmouth College, Author of Bestselling book, Superbosses, and host of The Sydcast
  • In All In, Robb Holman gets right to the heart of the matter by reminding us how all teams, whether personal or professional, depend on a level of mutual trust and understanding that cannot be forced upon anyone, but built for the long run carefully, considerately, and intentionally.

    Bryan Falchuk
    Bestselling Author and Leadership Expert
  • If you are serious about building effective teams don't leave it to chance. All In shares actionable strategies for building trust, engagement, and vision in teams at work and in life.

    Ellen Rogin
    CPA, CFP(r), Co-Author of the New York Times Bestseller, Picture Your Prosperity
  • Leadership presence is essential to an effective team. All In provides practical reasoning combined with Holman’s no-nonsense tools for instructing leaders how to effectively be with their team.

    Kevin Kruse
    CEO, LEADx, and Author of Great Leaders Have No Rules
  • The ability to connect personal stories and experiences seamlessly to relatable and practical best practices within the workplace is an art form. Robb Holman provides us with a laser-focused lens in All In to zoom in and decode how to build trust and make it last

    Lou Diamond
    Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and CEO of Thrive
  • All In is the anticipated second effort from conference speaker, business coach, and influence expert, Robb Holman. His straightforward approach aims at the heart of effective team leadership, the presence of the leader themselves. Not for the timid, rather those seeking the higher levels.

    Cy Wakeman
    Drama Researcher and New York Times Bestselling Author of No Ego

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